Tow bar assembly errors

Prevention is better than cure

Towbar cable set assembly is specialist work. If the instructions in the manual are followed exactly during assembly, the likelihood of assembly errors is low. Nevertheless, it happens that coding fails due to assembly errors. We would like to give some tips to avoid such mounting errors.

Tips & tricks

  • Check that the correct cable set is fitted

Tip: Use the online catalogues of the cable set suppliers

Conwys AG
ECS Electronics
Erich Jäger
GDW e-Sets
Jaeger Automotive
Westfalia Automotive

  • Read the assembly instructions carefully. A manual is often used for several models. Follow the instructions in the manual. Incorrect connection or connections at other locations in the vehicle can result in annoying malfunctions in the vehicle;
  • Work organised. A tidy workplace gives overview and prevents the risk of mistakes;
  • Use the diagnostic function of the control LEDs on the towbar module. The image below shows an example of this functionality;
  • Diagnostic help with towbar mounting
Source: installation manual 738544 Brink Citroen C4 Cactus
  • After fitting the cable set, in most cases the towbar lighting works immediately. With some makes and models, coding is required to activate the lighting functions. This is clearly indicated in the assembly instructions;
  • Connect the Jifeline interface to perform the necessary coding. Always follow the instructions in the Jifeline app.

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