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Remote diagnosis

Remote diagnostics services

Jifeline is an automotive diagnostics concept. We have a helpdesk where diagnostic specialists can remotely take over a vehicle.

In this way, we can perform all kinds of work such as towbar coding, key learning, injector adjustments and service resets, for example. These are just a few examples of our extensive capabilities.

Remote diagnosis

To use our services, you need a Jifeline Remote Diagnostic Interface. It is also important that a stable WiFi connection is available in your workshop.

Jifeline users do not need to make high investments in a variety of different diagnostic devices with the associated subscriptions and updates. Only the one-off purchase of a Jifeline Remote Diagnostic Interface suffices.

Then you only pay when you use it. You can see in advance what the desired service costs so that it is immediately clear what you can pass on to your customer.

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