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Vehicle complexity has increased dramatically

This trend will continue in the coming years. You, as a complete system supplier for your customers, obviously know all about this. Workshops increasingly need access to original workshop information and diagnostic equipment to carry out quality work.

In many workshops, however, these are not present, or the car technician often does not know how to operate this equipment and software. This causes unnecessary transportation of vehicles between your customer's workshop and the branded dealer, or worse: loss of sales because your customer purchases the part from the OE competitor.

The idea behind Jifeline: making something difficult easy

With the Jifeline Remote Diagnostics product and service portfolio, you can support your customers in coding and programming automotive components, possibly under your own label.

You supply the car parts and Jifeline's specialists help your customers, via remote diagnostics, with coding and programming in an efficient and accessible way. For this, the vehicle simply remains in your customer's workshop. This way, you continue to distinguish yourself as the total supplier your customer can turn to with all his technical questions.

Give your customers the service they deserve

Jifeline Remote Diagnostics' product and service portfolio offers you the opportunity to continue running your own business.

In this, we have several options:

  • You distribute the interfaces yourself or Jifeline does it for you
  • You handle the invoicing yourself or we do it for you
  • Under the Jifeline label or your own label (subject to conditions)


If you opt for the Jifeline (WiFi) J-ReX, logging in via browser is possible from any device. Once logged into the service menu, the car technician is informed of the actions to be performed.

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