Seat IBiza (6J) with fault code U1111

Key programming failed

Jifeline Remote Diagnostics specialists were recently presented with a 2015 model year Seat Ibiza (6J) for programming a new key. Normally a routine job.

For programming the key, the prescribed method of the car manufacturer was followed. However, it still failed to programme the new key. Indeed, the old key that the car owner had driven to the garage with also failed to work after starting the programming procedure.

How to proceed?

Programming of both the old and new key was no longer possible. In the kombi instrument, the progress can be followed during the key programming procedure. It then reads 0-2, 1-2, 2-2 respectively from the start. Or zero keys of two, one key of two and two keys of two successfully programmed. In this case, the kombi instrument continued to show the status 0-2.

A full diagnostic scan of the vehicle revealed that the kombi instrument had a U1111 fault code actively stored in the fault memory.
U1111: Functions restricted due to missing message(s)
Steuërgerate für Zugang- und Starberechtigung: Keine Kommunication

A strange fault, as the car did not have a keyless entry system after all. To be sure that people had not modified something on the car, we checked the equipment specification using the chassis number (VIN). Based on the PR codes, we determined that the car was never delivered with a keyless entry system.

So where does that error code U1111 in the kombi instrument come from?

We know from experience that this kind of malfunction is often caused when one has modified configurations of control units in the vehicle. This can happen, for example, when people independently make changes to the coding or parameterisation of a control unit using diagnostic equipment. In fact, we very often see this go wrong with tow bar codings that garages or fitting stations carry out. Then, for example, the central locking of the car suddenly stops working, or unerasable error codes are left behind.

Back to this Ibiza's U1111. We checked the configuration of various control units and found that the one on the on-board network was incorrect. Resolved. Indeed the U1111 code was now erasable and the keys could be successfully programmed.

We can conclude that the U1111 error code present inhibited the successful completion of the key programming. Strangely, the error code had no effect on the normal operation of the car's immobiliser, only during the programming session.

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