Opel Corsa-D P1632 -00, P1678 -00 and P1679 -00

Engine cannot be started

Do you have an Opel Corsa-D in your workshop that will not start after the battery has been dead? This fault is often accompanied by the following combination of error codes in the engine management:

  • P1632 -00
  • P1678 -00
  • P1679 -00

The technical specialists working at Jifeline Remote Diagnostics can adequately resolve this Opel Corsa-D immobiliser fault remotely.

Specialists on call

At Jifeline Remote Diagnostics, we have extensive knowledge of diagnostic procedures. We combine years of workshop experience and knowledge of the complex process of coding and programming. This in support of, among others, universal car companies, brand dealers, fitting stations and bodyshops. Moreover, by being able to watch along live, this support goes further than is currently usual in the market. The team remotely takes control of the car and provides the desired service. This could be coding, programming or diagnostic support.

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