Connecting the trailer module correctly

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Fitting a towbar to MQB vehicles from the VAG group

After coding, malfunctions occur in the vehicle, e.g. failure of ADAS systems such as adaptive cruise control and brake assistant. When connecting the towbar E-set, the trailer module should be provided with a +30. We have now come across several instances where the installation manuals are incorrect. The indicated fuse positions do not provide a constant power supply (+30 voltage), but a switched power supply (+15). We would like to stress to all towbar mounting partners to carefully check for correct connection of the trailer module during installation.

Possible stored error code in the vehicle's gateway, after switching the ignition off and on:
8066 1 Fault Found: 131655 - No Communication with Towing System Control Module (J345) U1003 00 [008] - - [Timeout Knoten 0x47 / 69 - Steuergerät für Anhängererkennung] Intermittent - Confirmed -

Earlier, we wrote about a similar problem in VAG vehicles.

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