After tow bar fitting, indicator light of lighting stays on

Mounting error on VAG vehicles

If, after tow bar fitting and correct coding, the indicator light of the lights stays on, in all likelihood an assembly error has been made.

With the ignition switched on, the lights on the trailer will operate normally. However, when the ignition has been switched off, the lighting control light will come on when the ignition is switched on again. Many tow bar installers doubt the coding in this case. However, this is not a coding problem.

What goes wrong?

The towbar wiring kit and trailer module should be connected to a terminal 30 terminal in the fuse box. Conveniently, instead of a terminal 30 terminal, the installer chooses a terminal 15 terminal. This therefore cuts off the power supply to the trailer module when the ignition is switched off. As a result, the central electronics module, for example, can no longer communicate with the trailer module. The C2 control function (indicator failure indicator) then no longer works properly and this results in an illuminated illumination control light in the vehicle's combination instrument.

To measure is to know

Using a voltmeter in the fuse box, check that you are going to use the correct terminal 30 connection. Switch off the ignition and remove the key from the lock cylinder during the measurement.

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