A new key for a Fiat 500e

Need a new key for a Fiat 500e quickly?

Through the Fiat organisation in the Netherlands, both the dealers and the importer, it is not possible to order a spare key for the Fiat 500e. In case of key loss or key theft, this can be very inconvenient.

Jifeline Remote DIagnose has developed a method to retrieve the electronic data needed to prepare a new transponder key or key with handheld transmitter from the car's electronics. All this is done via the Jifeline Remote DIagnosis Interface.

Since existing after-market diagnostic devices and even Fiat's original factory diagnostic tool lack functionality for retrieving the required data from the vehicle, Jifeline's specialists decided to develop this method themselves and make it available to the market.

If you need a new key for your Fiat 500e, please contact your own car dealer*. They can order a new key (K68091228AC) for your Fiat 500e from Car Lock Systems.

* Your own car company should have a Jifeline Remote Diagnostic Interface to have access to this unique service.

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