Autoprof 2024

Jifeline Remote Diagnostics at Autoprof 2024
This was the Autoprof 2024! We spoke to many interested parties about the latest developments within Jifeline Remote Diagnostics.


Did you already know that our J-Rex is fully DOiP compatible? DoIP is the new, standardised protocol for communication between vehicle and diagnostic equipment, based on existing internet protocols. In the coming years, most car manufacturers will switch to DoIP.

Brands like Volvo, Mercedes, Jaguar, Landrover, Renault and Nissan, for example, have already equipped their latest models with DoIP access. Many existing diagnostic tools do not support this DoIP communication and, as a result, even the simplest operation can no longer be performed.

The solution offered by Jifeline Remote Diagnostics is currently one of the few options for many workshops to be able to work on these vehicles.

Watch our video of the Autoprof 2024 here

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