Tow bar coding

Are you ready for towbar fitting season?

At the beginning of the year, traditionally the towbar fitting season is upon us again. After fitting a towbar with wiring kit and trailer module, in many cases the vehicle electronics need to be configured for trailer operation. Certain brands require configuration of multiple control units for correct operation of the vehicle and, for example, the ADAS driver assistance systems.

Garage and towbar fitting companies can, with the help of Jifeline Remote Diagnostics Quickly learn towbars on both passenger and commercial vehicles. After connecting the remote diagnostic VCI, the Jifeline Android app starts up automatically. In many cases, the vehicle is identified by its VIN number. The technician in the workshop then selects the towbar configuration service, after which the Jifeline team gets to work. Turnaround times for a towbar configuration usually do not exceed a few minutes. The workshop is therefore guaranteed a quick and efficient completion of both aftermarket and OE towbar kit configuration Popular vehicles include the new generation Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen models, as well as Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Citroën and Renault. A full overview of all vehicles that can be configured can be found on the Jifeline website. Furthermore, tips and tricks on installing and connecting the trailer module can also be found there. Google search tip: "towbar mounting errors".

The technical specialists working at Jifeline Remote Diagnostics have extensive knowledge of diagnostic procedures. They combine years of workshop experience and knowledge of the complex process of coding and programming. This supports, among others, universal car companies, brand dealers, fitting stations and bodyshops. Moreover, by being able to watch along live, this support goes further than is currently usual in the market. The team remotely takes control of the car and provides the desired service. This could be coding, programming or diagnostic support.

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