Coding new headlamp modules

Jifeline Remote Diagnostics can support automotive and repair workshops in coding the new headlight modules

The number of car parts that need to be coded or programmed after replacement has increased dramatically. Almost everyone is already familiar with programming keys and towbar modules, among others. We are also adding headlight modules to this list. Damage and body shops are often the first to be confronted with new technologies. So is headlight coding. A vehicle is involved in a collision that damages the headlights. However, after replacing all the lamp modules, the lights no longer seem to work properly. The workshop is then informed by the parts supplier that the new modules need to be coded. Now what? For this, the car then often has to be transported to the brand dealer, which involves a lot of organisational effort in addition to extra costs.

Jifeline Remote Diagnostics can support car and repair shops in coding the new headlight modules. Specifically, this means that the vehicle can be repaired faster as it no longer needs to be transported to another company for coding. In particular, vehicles from European car manufacturers are
equipped with modern lighting systems that need to be coded after replacement. The process can vary slightly from brand to brand. The Jifeline remote diagnostics technician will tell the technician in the workshop exactly what to do to make the coding successful. For example, you may be prompted for a
clear picture of the QR code sticker stuck on the new headlamp module.

Jifeline Remote Diagnostics' technical specialists have extensive knowledge of diagnostic procedures. They combine years of workshop experience and knowledge of the complex process of coding and programming. This is designed to support, among others, universal car companies, brand dealers, fitting stations and bodyshops. With the ability to 'watch along' directly, this support goes beyond what is currently common on the market. The team remotely takes over the diagnosis on the car and provides the service you want. This could be coding, programming or diagnostic support.

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